Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Fundraising Goals!

Ok ...here it goes! These are our fundraising goals to bring these precious brothers home. We are in a time crunch as the older brother "times out" at age 14 in March 2016. Then he is no longer adoptable. Please help us raise the $ needed quickly. We hope to be able to Travel to China in December to bring the boys home.

$6,500...Agape Adoption Fees...$40,000...Approximate Total Adoption costs fundraising goal

Approximate Goals:
$3,000 needed at the time of the Home study
$3,200 needed for China program fees at Dossier preparation
$720 + another $720 for 2nd child at I 800 filing...Immigration filing
$425...Fingerprinting for 5 people
$1000...Birth certificates, Marriage License, Criminal Background Study, Psych evaluations,        Physical/Medical Evaluations,
$11,200...Orphanage Fee for 2 brothers (asking for reduction)
$12,000...Travel & lodging expenses in China for Parents and 2 Children
$500...Chinese Entry Visas per person
$2000 Document Fees for 2 brothers
$1500...US Attorney Fees and Court Fees
$2000...Post Placement report fees

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