Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Remembering our youngest Son...Every child deserves a family

It is approaching the 4th anniversary of our youngest son's death. We still miss him every single day. This is a post from my previous blog, the one I began when we hoped that a Bone Marrow Transplant would cure Sanjay from his Thalassemia Major. 2 months later he passed away in the hospital, a freak brain bleed ended his life...but not his legacy.

13 Years ago this boy was born in India, and within a month was brought to an orphanage. We don't know anything else about his beginnings. I didn't even know about him at the time. But God did. God knew every hair on his head and had already numbered his days. In His great mercy and love, he touched the hearts of a family half way around the world, and we responded to that call, stepping out in faith into the unknown ...and that little boy was adopted into a family...mirroring our own heavenly adoption, when we were baptized and became members of God's family. This little boy was LOVED! And we were so blessed!

 Family is a funny thing. There are few others who can irritate, exasperate, and even anger one another...yet also induce such a wellspring of love and protectiveness than a member of your family. God designed families to raise up soldiers for Him. To love one another, to be "sandpaper" to smooth the rough edges off, and to help one another along the path to our Eternal Home. You could say that we've accomplished that goal with the youngest member of our family. It is some consolation to have the hope that we will see him again. We can never take for granted that we will have plenty of time to concern ourselves with Heaven. Only God knows the day and the hour...I hope that my life is pleasing to Him, and that when my days on Earth are finished, He will greet me with the words, "well done...." And on that day, I hope to see Sanjay's smiling face beaming back at me with that toothy grin, along with all of the other loved ones who have gone before us. Lead the way, Little Traveler...
 Happy Birthday in Heaven, sweetie...we sure do miss you here, we are so glad you're a part of our family.   And families are forever.