Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, March 31, 2016

***Updated 4/11/2016...Fees Update 3/31/2016

Here is the up to date Tally of Expenses Paid and owed for Two Less Orphans. Many thanks to all of our Benefactors, large and small, who helped to pay these fees before Gabe aged out.

$100 Placing Agency Application Fees
$200 Home study Agency Application Fees
$440 State Background Checks
$90 FBI Fingerprint checks
$60 Birth Certificates( Ted and I)
$30 Marriage Certificate
$1300 Home study Payment part 1
$90 Required Adoption Courses Online for Certification.
$75 Required Adoption Orientation Course
$72 Passport Photos (6 sets required for Ted & I)
$342 Passports
$720 I-800 Immigration Fees
$720 I-800 Immigration Fee 2nd Child
$425 Homeland Security Fingerprinting
$1000 Placing Agency Fees Part 1
$49.73 Dossier photos and Photo books sent to the boys in China.
$139.20+ Postage so far
$1300 Home Study Fees Part 2
$1500 China Dossier Fee
$300 Home study Rush Fee
$500...Homestudy Review /Agape
$225...Chinese Entry Visa Fee
$650...Child's Hague Visa Fee
$385...2nd Child Visa Fee
$3316.38....Airfare for Ted and both boys
$8200 ......In Country Fees:
Orphanage Donation Fee
Boys Passports x2
Civil Affairs
Notary Fee
Medical Exams x2
Childs US Visa Fees
 $1000 Guide Service Fee: (Guangzhou and Beijing)
$1600 Hotel in GZ:
$300 Hotel in Beijing:
$500 Transportation/driver:
$2000 Food/Souvenirs/tipping:
$350.......Chinese Adoption
$650 Registration Fees
$2100 ...CCCWA Translation and Approval Fee
$1100...CCCWA Translation Fee 2nd Child
$2000...Agape Agency Fee Part 2
$2000...Agape Agency Fees Part 3
$1500...Fees 2nd Child
$2000...Post Placement Translation and submittal Fee.

 ***$39,009.31 Is the Total Paid.

Then there are Post Placement Homestudy Fees after they are home

Grand Total $41,009.31 to give 2 boys from China a Family and Home.


Gabe got a Meccano set from his Aunt last night for his birthday. He and Zach have been busy with it for hours today, constructing a car from all of the parts. They are both very focused, with long attention spans, suited to projects! The best thing about this Meccano set is, they can take apart the car and make something else from all of the pieces...

Car completed...

Thanks so much, Aunt Karen!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Chicken Foot and Dominoes

We were invited over to my sister's home for Popcorn and games. Gabe and Zach learned how to play Chicken Foot, and afterword created temples with the dominoes. 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter at Home

The Alleluia has returned, the Lord has risen!

 An Easter feast with the family...Roast mutton and grilled pork tenderloin, yum!

Along with the Mutton and Tenderloin we

enjoyed Green Bean Casserole, Buns, Corn  on the cob, and Mashed potatoes with Gravy, and Bunny cake in honor of my mom, who made one each Easter.


Sunday, March 6, 2016

Happy 14th Birthday!

Our boys first full day home in the United States just happened to be Gabe's 14th Birthday! The day in which Chinese Law says you are too old, you cannot be adopted. Praise God for His hand throughout our adoption journey to bring home these wonderful, courageous, intelligent, and very happy boys! God knew, when he placed their needs in our hearts, that they would be a perfect fit for our family. We kept the Celebration simple, with just our family at home, but special enough that we hope that he understands just how much we want him as one of our clan.