Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

20 years...The Sacrament of Marriage

Twenty years ago Hubby and I made our vows before God to be faithful and to love one another. This is a Sacrament that cannot be broken, it is a tie that will always bind us in this life, it is serious! Love is a choice, and I would not have it any other way. We have made many sacrifices for one another, we have made mistakes, and we have grieved over the most painful loss of our lives, the death of our youngest son. Had we not married we could have avoided all of these inconveniences and sorrows...but we never would have experienced the joys! I would not give up the joys for anything, we are blessed. The love of God lives on through our marriage, our promises to one another. Thank you, God, for bringing Hubby and I together, for making us a family. I pray we grow stronger in Faith together, and that we have at least another 20 years!

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